Saturday, December 7, 2013

Screen World w. 49

What we have done
This week we've obviously focused on the final presentation. During our first meeting we discussed how we wanted to present our results in a movie starring our to personas Martha and Filip. Basically the movie will present current issues with second screen usage, and how these will be solved in the future, using our framework as a guideline. During our second meeting we decided the final details about the movie and started to record it.

What we will do
We will finalize the editing of the movie, and start focusing on our power point presentation. When we're creating the PPT presentation we should keep in mind to make sure that there is a clear connection between our movie and the presentation.

Besides the fact that we all have a lot to do in other courses this time of the year, we haven't encountered any major problems.

Changes in the project
No major changes have been made since last week.

Matroshka - 6:th of December

Matroshka - The Responsive News Concept. Weekly report 6th of December 2013.

What we have done

During this week, all of our focus and attention has been given to the presentation that is being held next week. During our first of the three meetings, we discussed more in detail how we are going to structure our presentation. We have had a lot of ideas, sometimes drifting out of relevance.
During the second meeting, we started to crystallize our idea for the presentation further to something relevant. Decisions were made, we will explain our concept in words and with the help of video and audio, showcasing the functionality of Matroshka.
By the end of the week we were confident enough with our idea to fully start working on the content of the presentation. So the efforts in the third meeting went into collecting video content for a montage, planning what to say, etc.

Captain Philip also went to the meeting with the coordination group during the wednesday which gave us some valuable insights, the biggest might have been the length of the presentation which is a bit shorter than we expected.


What we will do

We need to create the presentation graphics during the weekend. Slides will be put together, and we will in further detail plan what will be said during the performance.


Problems encountered

We feel a bit pressured on time, but that is expected this time of year. Things have been running pretty smooth.



We have been using YouTube and Vimeo to collect material for a video montage that will be shown during the presentation.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Crowdopolis w.49

What we have done.
 We worked on a presentation structure, trying to make it as simple and illustrative as possible, and also struggled to create a video in a short time.
As far as we decided to include a real-life scenario in our video, we tried to find real footage online, in order to make the story look realistic. At that point we realized that the quality of videos published on public services in not sufficient for our case, and we need to look for alternatives. Also, we struggled to develop a full website design, as we started to discuss the visual interfaces of the future, and it is a serious problem even for futurologists. Obviously, the data consumption habits will change, the new cloud system will push out the old linear website design, also mobile usage will be much more popular than stationary computers, so, does it mean that Crowdopolis must be smartphone oriented? Which type of design should we use in a video? These questions and discussions took a lot of time, so we had issues scheduling our work in a way to finish everything on Monday.

What we will do. 
We need to finalize the video and presentation, and work on our actual presenting, making all three parts coherent, clear and entertaining at the same time. The deadline appeared to be sooner than we expected, so probably we should rethink our video concept and get rid of some creative technological elements.

We checked the links that Victor provided us with, and used some of the advices in our presentation.
Also, we continued watching the inspirational materials and TED talks on the subject of citizen journalism. For example, we can advice everyone to check out this talk about the power of citizen journalism:, or this trust-motivating speech:
Particularly, this talk by Patrick Meier, director of Crisis Mapping for Ushahidi, is about the collaborative mapping platform, and theretofore will be interesting not for our group only: htttp://

Good luck to everyone!

The Morticians Weekly Report w. 49 (6/12)

What we have done 
This week was all about the final presentation. We started our work with having a meeting, during which we discussed the details associated with our presentation. We decided to make two short movies: the introductory one, and the one demonstrating some features of our final product: the news website/mobile application of the future (paired with some pictures, it will be used to show how the site works). 

What we will do 
During this weekend, we will focus on designing our PowerPoint presentation. 

The only problem we faced was associated with an unexpected malfunction of the external microphone that we used for recording sound for our movies. Fortunately, the microphone in our camera was fully functional, so we could rely on it instead. 

Changes in the project 
Nothing here! 

Have a nice weekend!

DEAFining news (Surdi Screen) - weekly report w.49

What we have done.
This week we have spent all our effort into making our design representation, which we have decided to be a short movie. We started out the week with thinking about how to create this movie and we also made a storyboard for it. We didn’t have the best technological artifacts for filming, we only had mobile phones. So therefore we decided to borrow an awesome camera from Leif Handberg and a stand from Delfi in order to make a professional movie. We spend all wednesday evening with filming all the material that we needed (hopefully), which was very fun.  

What we will do.
Next we need to work further with the movie, make all the editing and putting the material together. We will also continue with making our final presentation and prepare for the execution of it on wednesday/thursday.

Problems encountered.
The major problem we had this week was that a cable was missing to the film camera that we borrowed. So we could not transfer the material from the camera to the computer at first. So we looked with Leif if we could find the cable but it was nowhere to be found. Then we also checked with Delfi to get any cables that they had that could fit. We got three cables from Delfi but sadly none worked, so we decided to bought one instead and finally solved that problem.

Changes in the project.
No major changes have been made since last week.


Here below are two photos of the filming session this wednesday.


Gossip status report w.49


  • Gossip 
  • What we have done. This week we have started to put together our ppt and fixed with some additional stuff for the presentation. We have also divided the work amongt those who are gonna present and they will now, based on the almost ready ppt, write down some manuscript notes to next weeks meeting.  
  • What we will do. On monday next week the two representants will rehears infront the rest of the group, so we can decide what works and what doesn't. Those who are not presenting will think about possible questions that could come up during the presentation. Hopefully we will be well prepared on wednesday so we can get as useful feedback as possible.
  • Problems encountered. We have just faced some technical problems concering our ppt. Some animations didn't work out exactly how we wanted them to. Otherwise it has been cool so far. 
  • Changes in the project. This week we havn't done any major changes, except cut out some parts of the presentation that we think is uncessesary to mention, which was good since we then get more time for the most important stuff.
  • Resources. Resoruces this week has been those two linkes that Victor wanted us to look at before deisgning our presentation, which was really good. And also, we have looked at some typical examples of how an entertaining news report, about a celebrity for instance, could look like in detail.
  • You've got bias - Report week 49

    What we have done

    This week has been all about the presentation. We have done most of our filming and have started editing our material together. To aid the filming of our product video we have also developed a HTML-prototype of our system, ( We have also begun work on the actual script for our presentation and our work will continue over the weekend and on monday.

    What we will do

    We need to finish editing the movies, finalize our script and make our final powerpoint. After that we have to practice, practice, practice.

    Problems encountered

    We have realized we will hardly have any time to practice our presentation before the rehearsal next week. While there is not much we can do about that, we should be able to adjust any problems before the final presentation.

    Changes in the project

    While we always had it in mind, we finally decided to do films for our presentation (design representation). We did not make any changes that has changed the scope of our project or in which direction we intend to go now.

    GISMO Weekly Report 6/12

       - What we have done: During this week the group has totally focused on the final presentation and especially the preparations concerning the recording of the video. We completed the script at the beginning of the week and discussed carefully if we have the time to visually accomplish this particular idea? If we are able to do it in terms of skills and knowledge within the group? And finally the most important thing of them all; if we are able to visualize our concept as good as possible by means of the recording and thus make it coherent with the report? Further in the middle of the week, we started to record on our own and made some progress but it´s still a lot of work ahead of us. 

       - What we will do: We will continue working with the recording of the video and hopefully be ready as soon as possible with the basic stuff, in order to have time to add different features to emphasize our concept and make the whole video coherent and understandable. Even though the deadline is pretty close, we try to divide the tasks among the group as fair as possible. 

       - Problems encountered: Well since all group members more or less counted with that the final deadline of the presentation and the embedded video is on Wednesday the upcoming week, due to the reason that we have our rehearsal that day, thus the deadline is probably then. However no one has mentioned that the actual deadline is on Monday evening before the last project leader meeting we had the last Wednesday. Nobody in our group expected that, so at the moment it´s kind of difficult to arrange meetings when everybody are available and hence fix everything in time. We have learned so far that in order to be so effective as possible, everyone have to participate simultaneously in the same room and not over Facebook and similar, but that´s impossible in such a short notice, especially over a weekend. In addition the last days have been used pretty much as well within the project.

       - Changes in the project: No particular changes have been made lately.

       - Resources: No additional resources during this week. 

    Sunday, December 1, 2013

    The Future of Ads - Weekly report (week 48)

    What we have done
    A lot is going on now as the project is approaching its' end. This week we have:
    •  Finished, proof read and handed in our book chapter
    •  Filmed and begun to edit our "future scenario"-video
    • Structured the final presentation

    There is still quite a bit of work that has to go into the final presentation, so we have divided the workload between group members in order to make the best of the time we have.

    What we will do
    The upcoming week will basically revolve around the presentation. As the concept that we are presenting is quite futuristic, we need to make sure that we can present it in a comprehensible way in the time given. We are aiming to make one or two animated explanation videos with recorded voice-overs to help us get the idea across.

    Problems encountered
    It turned out finishing the final stages of the report was more time-consuming than expected which means we fell behind a little bit with planning the final presentation. Time that we have to make up this week.

    Otherwise things have been going OK. We are aiming to get everything finished by the end of this week.