Friday, December 6, 2013

DEAFining news (Surdi Screen) - weekly report w.49

What we have done.
This week we have spent all our effort into making our design representation, which we have decided to be a short movie. We started out the week with thinking about how to create this movie and we also made a storyboard for it. We didn’t have the best technological artifacts for filming, we only had mobile phones. So therefore we decided to borrow an awesome camera from Leif Handberg and a stand from Delfi in order to make a professional movie. We spend all wednesday evening with filming all the material that we needed (hopefully), which was very fun.  

What we will do.
Next we need to work further with the movie, make all the editing and putting the material together. We will also continue with making our final presentation and prepare for the execution of it on wednesday/thursday.

Problems encountered.
The major problem we had this week was that a cable was missing to the film camera that we borrowed. So we could not transfer the material from the camera to the computer at first. So we looked with Leif if we could find the cable but it was nowhere to be found. Then we also checked with Delfi to get any cables that they had that could fit. We got three cables from Delfi but sadly none worked, so we decided to bought one instead and finally solved that problem.

Changes in the project.
No major changes have been made since last week.


Here below are two photos of the filming session this wednesday.


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  1. Good job with the filming. I'm glad it worked out with that missing cable in the end! Keep up the good work!