Saturday, December 7, 2013

Screen World w. 49

What we have done
This week we've obviously focused on the final presentation. During our first meeting we discussed how we wanted to present our results in a movie starring our to personas Martha and Filip. Basically the movie will present current issues with second screen usage, and how these will be solved in the future, using our framework as a guideline. During our second meeting we decided the final details about the movie and started to record it.

What we will do
We will finalize the editing of the movie, and start focusing on our power point presentation. When we're creating the PPT presentation we should keep in mind to make sure that there is a clear connection between our movie and the presentation.

Besides the fact that we all have a lot to do in other courses this time of the year, we haven't encountered any major problems.

Changes in the project
No major changes have been made since last week.


  1. That sound good! You seem to be on top of things, even though it's a bit stressy. Keep up the good work!

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