Saturday, December 7, 2013

Matroshka - 6:th of December

Matroshka - The Responsive News Concept. Weekly report 6th of December 2013.

What we have done

During this week, all of our focus and attention has been given to the presentation that is being held next week. During our first of the three meetings, we discussed more in detail how we are going to structure our presentation. We have had a lot of ideas, sometimes drifting out of relevance.
During the second meeting, we started to crystallize our idea for the presentation further to something relevant. Decisions were made, we will explain our concept in words and with the help of video and audio, showcasing the functionality of Matroshka.
By the end of the week we were confident enough with our idea to fully start working on the content of the presentation. So the efforts in the third meeting went into collecting video content for a montage, planning what to say, etc.

Captain Philip also went to the meeting with the coordination group during the wednesday which gave us some valuable insights, the biggest might have been the length of the presentation which is a bit shorter than we expected.


What we will do

We need to create the presentation graphics during the weekend. Slides will be put together, and we will in further detail plan what will be said during the performance.


Problems encountered

We feel a bit pressured on time, but that is expected this time of year. Things have been running pretty smooth.



We have been using YouTube and Vimeo to collect material for a video montage that will be shown during the presentation.

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  1. Sounds great! Yes, this is a busy week indeed. But it's just to hang in there and work hard. I'm looking forward to the presentations on Thursday!