Friday, December 6, 2013

Gossip status report w.49


  • Gossip 
  • What we have done. This week we have started to put together our ppt and fixed with some additional stuff for the presentation. We have also divided the work amongt those who are gonna present and they will now, based on the almost ready ppt, write down some manuscript notes to next weeks meeting.  
  • What we will do. On monday next week the two representants will rehears infront the rest of the group, so we can decide what works and what doesn't. Those who are not presenting will think about possible questions that could come up during the presentation. Hopefully we will be well prepared on wednesday so we can get as useful feedback as possible.
  • Problems encountered. We have just faced some technical problems concering our ppt. Some animations didn't work out exactly how we wanted them to. Otherwise it has been cool so far. 
  • Changes in the project. This week we havn't done any major changes, except cut out some parts of the presentation that we think is uncessesary to mention, which was good since we then get more time for the most important stuff.
  • Resources. Resoruces this week has been those two linkes that Victor wanted us to look at before deisgning our presentation, which was really good. And also, we have looked at some typical examples of how an entertaining news report, about a celebrity for instance, could look like in detail.
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    1. Sounds like you have things under control. I hope it works out with your technical problems. Looking forward to seeing your presentation!