Friday, December 6, 2013

You've got bias - Report week 49

What we have done

This week has been all about the presentation. We have done most of our filming and have started editing our material together. To aid the filming of our product video we have also developed a HTML-prototype of our system, ( We have also begun work on the actual script for our presentation and our work will continue over the weekend and on monday.

What we will do

We need to finish editing the movies, finalize our script and make our final powerpoint. After that we have to practice, practice, practice.

Problems encountered

We have realized we will hardly have any time to practice our presentation before the rehearsal next week. While there is not much we can do about that, we should be able to adjust any problems before the final presentation.

Changes in the project

While we always had it in mind, we finally decided to do films for our presentation (design representation). We did not make any changes that has changed the scope of our project or in which direction we intend to go now.

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  1. Sounds good then. I'm sure the presentation will also be a good one in the end! Good luck!