Friday, December 6, 2013

Crowdopolis w.49

What we have done.
 We worked on a presentation structure, trying to make it as simple and illustrative as possible, and also struggled to create a video in a short time.
As far as we decided to include a real-life scenario in our video, we tried to find real footage online, in order to make the story look realistic. At that point we realized that the quality of videos published on public services in not sufficient for our case, and we need to look for alternatives. Also, we struggled to develop a full website design, as we started to discuss the visual interfaces of the future, and it is a serious problem even for futurologists. Obviously, the data consumption habits will change, the new cloud system will push out the old linear website design, also mobile usage will be much more popular than stationary computers, so, does it mean that Crowdopolis must be smartphone oriented? Which type of design should we use in a video? These questions and discussions took a lot of time, so we had issues scheduling our work in a way to finish everything on Monday.

What we will do. 
We need to finalize the video and presentation, and work on our actual presenting, making all three parts coherent, clear and entertaining at the same time. The deadline appeared to be sooner than we expected, so probably we should rethink our video concept and get rid of some creative technological elements.

We checked the links that Victor provided us with, and used some of the advices in our presentation.
Also, we continued watching the inspirational materials and TED talks on the subject of citizen journalism. For example, we can advice everyone to check out this talk about the power of citizen journalism:, or this trust-motivating speech:
Particularly, this talk by Patrick Meier, director of Crisis Mapping for Ushahidi, is about the collaborative mapping platform, and theretofore will be interesting not for our group only: htttp://

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you had an interesting discussion there. Hopefully it didn't steal too much of your valuable time. It's really difficult to know today exactly how everything will be solved in the future, on a technical level. Sometimes we just have to assume things. Good luck with the rest of your work!