Friday, October 25, 2013

Death of Reading

We are proposing the complete Death of Reading. The alphabet will be replaced by video, audio, pictures, and other modes of sensual perception. Based on the current developments and spotted trends, we believe that in the future all news will be consumed via audio and visual input. We go even further and claim that the quality of news will not decrease. We rather see a chance to achieve a higher quality with erasing the middleman of a story (news editor) and providing audio/video material directly from where the story happened, almost like an eyewitness. We believe that this will present to us issues and opportunities in a lot of areas from how to browse through news, select what you want to consume and of course how to consume it. In order to explore how we will consume and distribute news without reading, we will be inspired by people today that are not able to read in the same way that the general public is.

This scenario is based on several indicators, as, for instance, the fact that the eyes are not optimized for reading online and on screens, so it is physically harder to do to so. Another fact is that digital screens and the Internet is changing how we read. We have moved from deep reading long text to skimming texts and jumping back and forth while reading. Furthermore, this future news scenario would fit to the recent trend of impatience among humans, with our electronic devices we no longer have to wait for public transport, a cab, a date, or a table at a hot restaurant. Our days are time-optimized and will be even more in the future - there is no space for reading.

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