Friday, October 25, 2013

The Rise of The Second Screen

The behaviors towards engaging in a second screen while our attention is based on a first screen is already a present trend. Approximately 1/6th of TV audiences are engaging in some sort of social content via their mobile devices during a TV program. While these numbers are based on entertainment programs and social media interaction, our group believes that these habits will soon encompass people’s news viewing habits as well in the coming ten years.

The television will continue being the first screen, as a source of routine news. For many, turning on the television for news while getting ready for work as well as during the evening after work are common habits. These habits will endure if not expand when more and more people start to engage with their second screen, their mobile device, for more than entertainment programs. The use of the second screen during TV programs helps the user feel that they are contributing to a community and aide them in interacting and discussing with either similar or different opinions. This function will remain in the future, but the main use of the second screen and news will be how it is used in regards to breaking news and the ability to seek out and participate in “communities” after breaking news is reported.

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