Friday, October 25, 2013

Gossip, the future entertainment news aggregator

Based on the success of news aggregators today such as Reddit & Buzzfeed we would like to present “Gossip”, a new type of news aggregator in the “entertainment news” bracket. Gossip will collect news from different sources in different categories and sort them based on the reader's emotion when reading it. The readers emotion will be automatically measured through for example the smartphone front camera recognizing facial expressions and through a heart rate monitor (which of course is built in all future smartphones, tablets & smart-watches). The physical contact with the device might be of importance here which is why we believe smartphones, together with it’s association to leisure rather than work, will be the optimal platform.

This reader emotion indicates whether a news post is interesting or not and will be translated into ratings that will be used when sorting all news, where the news post with the biggest emotional response will be on the front page. Because of the emotional element in the rating system we choose to focus on “entertainment news” since the quality of “serious news” is measured in a more complex way and not only by emotional response. It is through this automatic rating system that Gossip will sort out the most interesting “entertainment news” articles with the biggest emotional impact within a certain category. Our methods for going further from this point will be investigating relevant technology, look into the possibilities and problems of Gossip through interviews and focus groups.

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