Friday, October 25, 2013

Responsive news (A.K.A individualized news, but we wot be using that name any more)

You don’t have to look back many years to realize that there are many ways in which it is possible to consume news today. As an example, one can watch a video broadcast of news, listen to audio news, or read news, and each of these methods involves a variety of mediums the news can be consumed on - reading news can for instance be done on a computer screen, on a mobile device and in a printed paper to name a few. With all these new ways of consuming news todays comes also problems - what is the optimal method and medium? Rushing to the train while watching a video based news broadcast does not mix up very well; audio based news are better of in this situation.

Another thing that also has changed over time is the amount of actual situations in which people find themselves in each day. Take the Rushing to the train situation as an example: It will either be followed up by a calm situation on the train, or a frustrating situation on the platform. When exiting the train, there is probably a short walk to the final destination, which again is a different situation, and this situation will be followed by yet another situation when arriving at the destination. To put it simple, modern lifestyle puts us in many more situations each day than the average lifestyle did of people who lived just some 50 years ago. Unfortunately, there is no smooth way people can consume news on today without constantly adapting their consumption method to their situation. With every individuals day being more or less unique, meaning that the sequence of situations as well as the situations themselves are unique for every individual every day, it is hard to say what method and medium is optimal for news consumption today - the optimal news consumption is individual. This is our future vision.

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