Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weekly status report: DEAFining news

Group: DEAFining news

What we have done:
During this week we have worked on defining our project more precisely. When we started the project we talked about how to make public service more fun, as well as how news tailored for minorities can be broadcasted in the future. We have now chosen to define our project closer through only focus on minorities. After our meeting with Daniel we have also decided to focus solely on deaf as a minority and SVT as a news channel. So, what we have decided to investigate is:

- How can we make broadcasted news more accessible and extensive for people with hearing impairments in the future?

What we realized soon after we defined this scope of our project is that we know very little about how news are performed and perceived by people with hearing impairments today. Therefore, this week, we have started to do some background research through investigating existing SVT sign language newscasts as well as other interesting global solutions regarding hearing impairments. We have also arranged to meet with Rebekah Cupitt, a KTH PhD student who specializes in sign language and mediated communication, as well as SDR (Sveriges Dövas Riksförbund).

What we will do:
During the following week we will prepare for and meet with Rebekah for an interview. We will also continue our research on the internet as well as follow the news reports on SVT to investigate the differences between newscasts with and without sign language. We will also prepare for the midterm presentation next Friday. Our main focus for now will be find and define existing problems and issues rather than trying to solve them.  

What problems have encountered:
Since we have little experience of the segment group that we aim to help, we have realized that we need to be careful not to make any assumptions without good research. Luckily, we have managed to get quick response from two different sources who hopefully can help us with good and accurate information concerning the segments current situation and troubles.

Changes in the project:
As mentioned earlier, we have changed the scope of the project and made the definition more narrow and precise. We now have a much clearer view of exactly what we want to do and who we aim to help with our future solution. We have also chosen to only work with newscasts published in SVT and thereby not focus at all on other public service channels.

This week we have booked interviews with Rebekah Cupitt and SDR that will be carried out during the next couple of weeks. We have also done research on the web through investigating the current offer on We have also looked at interesting existing solutions for automatically translating text or speech to sign language. Interesting reading on this can be found at: &

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  1. I really like that you have narrowed down your project, and it now seems like a really good scope. Rebekah is a good person to talk to, as well as the organization for deaf. Let us know if you need further Contacts at SVT as well. Rebekah knows a lot of people there too. Keep up the good work! /M