Saturday, October 26, 2013

Interactive Visualization of News

Our take on the initial question we were given was more or less how the news could be presented in the future besides the traditional read-n-scroll type found on more or less on every newspapers web page on the internet.

How do we make an innovative way of news presentation that isn’t just a mimic and actually brings something new to the table? Todays newspapers already show pictures, video, sound etc. New York times has started using the power of HTML5 to create interactive stories which adapt to the reader. We felt that even tho every news article contains a time and place of a news item, it could be mediated even further.

So we decided to try to create a way of news presentation which presents news as items on a map in a timespan in a geographical location instead of in a long list. Since we’ve seen from numerous presentations that the trend of news consumption is going towards mobile we also decided to focus to adapt the solution for mobile devices.

Think of it as a mix between google maps and a newspaper with a thrown in timeline. The user specifies the timespan which he or she is interested in as well as a geographical area (The globe, Europe, Sweden, Stockholm, Vasastan etc), and news pop up on a map. If the timespan is wide (say 6 months) then the map will show the most read news from those six months, if the span is narrow, more ”irrelevant” news will pop up as there will be more space for those. We’ve also thought about giving social media a bigger role in our solution, by letting the selection of news sort them by the amount of shares, tweets, comments etc.

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