Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Welcome to this blog - it is all yours!


The KTH Royal Institute of Technology course "DM2571 Future of Media has a new theme every year (last year's theme was "Future of Magazines/Magazines of the Future").

This year's theme is "The Future of News/News of the Future". All students who take the course are invited to become contributors and post blog entries here.

We will primarily use the blog to:
- disseminate information from the executive group to the project groups 
- for the project groups to disseminate information to the teachers and other course participants (mainly in the form of "weekly status reports" during week 43, 44, 46, 47, 48 and 49).

Throughout the course, we might come across many different interesting examples of developments in news (print, broadcast, screens) that point towards the future. In this blog, you can furthermore post information about what you come across so that we all can learn about and benefit from the information that we all together come across. 50+ pair of eyes are better than 2!

Feel free to post whatever you come across that you think is interesting and that has a relationship to things we have read, or seen, or heard in the course, or that in general is related to the future or news and news of the future!

Feel free to check out others' blog posts and also comment on them. Hopefully a few blog entries will generate lively discussions!


Daniel Pargman & Malin Picha

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