Thursday, October 31, 2013

Status report w. 44 - News Aggregators


- Group name:

- What we have done:
We have decided on an idea, which consists of that we are an aggregator of gossip news generated and sorted based on physical reactions. During our reserach we found a lot of intresesting information about ”smart” devices and we belive this will be more common in the future. To get more information we have been in contact with a professor from KTH, Kristina Höök (see link below), who has conducted research within this particular area. She has in turn provided us with some other people to interview about this, since she herself is away. We have started to set up a powerpoint for the mid-term presentation, and we have also put together a logo for our project.

- What we will do:
We will each write a part for the mid-term presentation and then we will finalize everything, so it will be unified, together. Focus now is also to set a date for the interviews and to discuss what we actually want to ask the interviewees to get the information we need. We are also trying to get together a focus group, with people who are consumers of gossip news. 
Continuously we'll fill in a document with thoughts, ideas and information which then will form the basis for our report and we also are searching for more articles and litterature related to our choice of technical solution.
Plan is to meet two times every week and beyond that work together over shared Google documents, giving each other instant feedback.

- Problems encountered:
We've had some problems with determining our projects content without slipping too much into other areas, such as individual news for example. We have therefor constantly question our choices to assure ourself that we are adhere to our theme.

- Changes within the project:
Changes that happened is that we decided to focus on a particular type of news, gossip, rather than news in general. We belive that this narrow selection of news will make it a lot easier for us to develop and explain our vision.

- Resources: 
We have found some interesting articles online, in particular one about Kristina Hööks research 

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  1. Good work so far! I think the choice to focus on gossip and entertainment news instead of news in general was a very smart move. That way it is much easier to tailor your service for a specific target group and a specific audience. I also think that your service is more suited for this type of content. Good that you got in touch with Kristina Höök and got some inspiration. Keep up the good work! /M