Friday, October 25, 2013

Future of Ads - Vision

Media houses and news companies are today struggling with the shift from printed to digital advertising, they need to develop smarter ways of utilizing the new technology in order to make a successful transition into the digitized era.

We believe that in the future ads will in some sense have made a 360 and gone back to playing an appreciated part in society as it once did. At the same time we think that the current trends with cookie-based super-tailored ads will dissolve in favor for the serendipity engines, which are the complete opposite of the ads of the old world. Ads then were general information targeting everyone and ads in our future will know what you need and want before you know it and will also provide you with it an awesome offer for it at just the right moment.

In our vision of the future media houses have evolved so that ads still are an important part of their revenue stream but that they will be even more separated than today. The importance of separating the editorial and financial parts of a media house was something that Kristiansen emphasized a lot during his lecture.

We therefore propose a solution using augmented reality and serendipity advertising. With serendipity advertising, the ads are tailored so that they are ”happy surprises” for the consumers. The ads are completely tailored for the moment based on data collected from everything that the consumer sees, does and feels. The huge set of data is analyzed and unforeseeable connections are made, making it possible to offer products/offerings that the consumers need and are able to obtain in a particular moment, without them knowing it in the first place. This way, the buy rate approaches almost 100% on ads. In the future, the publishers will sell serendipity “matches” rather than impressions (or “gazes” and “emotions” as in the case of Google Glass) tailored for their target group, as is the case today.

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