Thursday, November 14, 2013

Article: Can crowds fill the void of defunct newspapers?

This text is perhaps especially interesting for the Crowdopolis project group (previously called "crowdsourcing news & citizen journalism"). The text is very interest and perhaps relevant to other groups too.

It's people from the Microsoft Research/Social Media Collective who have written a text that starts like this:

Can crowds fill the void left by defunct newspapers? Reflections on our experiments with locative crowdsourcing

NOVEMBER 12, 2013
Write up by Andrés Monroy-Hernández and Elena Agapie, building on the work of J. Nathan Matias
Motivated by the disappearance of local newspapers, this past summer, we started to explore new ways of supporting community news production through collaborative writing tools. The first incarnation of this is NewsPad, a system for neighborhood communities to collaboratively to report on local events such as festivals and town hall meetings.

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