Friday, November 22, 2013

Screen World Weekly Report 22/11

This was a busy week for us. We have almost gotten materials that we need from qualitative and quantitative researches and built the primary framework. Everything is going to be finished.

What we have done:
- This Tuesday, we had an interview with one employee in a social TV company. From the interview, we were inspired very much by his talk on new functionality and idea behind, which promote us on framework design.
- We also used this week to finish the questionnaire. From the analysis, we saw tendency on second screen usage and got suggestions on how to made second screen attractive.
- To discover further insight and tested the market on second screen, we started focus group in this week as well. The focus is on news habits, relationship between the second screen and news, and possible changes in the future.
- In the routine meeting, we shared our analysis and findings in this week, during which, everyone is inspired. Then, we integrated Daniel’s suggestion this week, did adjustment on our core idea, and built the framework with discussion.

What we will do:
- Our group will keep working on our focus group. Focus group works well on expending our sight on second screen usage, so we decide to use this weekend to “go out of building” and talk to more people.
- After getting every researches done, we will discuss together ad finally complete framework. We will also embed our framework into personas to make it more practical.
- Before the deadline, we need to finish the report, for example, ordering our idea in good logic, rewriting it in more audient friendly way and of cause polishing the language.
- After finishing the report, we will start to make transcription for the video. Based on our core idea, we will use that video to show the framework in fun and active way, and engage it into person daily life.

Problems encountered:
- One problem we are facing is that all what we get by now are quite fragmented. We need to understand the result in depth and integrated them in coherent logic so that the result could make sense.
- Instead of discussion on customer behaviors, we need to consider more from the perspective of news industry and find the potential channel for value creation.

Our question database for focus group.

Result from questionnaires, interviews, and literature review.

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  1. Sounds that you are working hard and getting some results! I think you will also make it more coherent and deeply understood once you sit down and really work with your material. You will get there in time. So no despair! Just continue to do a good job!