Saturday, November 30, 2013

Matroshka 29:th of Nov

Matroshka - The Responsive News Concept. Weekly report 29th of November 2013.

What we have done

Since there was a deadline for the final report this week we met three times to finalize and proofread the report. We made some changes to the background and developed the results part. Prior to developing the result part however, analysis of the data from our field studies was finished. We also designed illustrations for the report to make it easier for people to understand our concept. There has also been some brainstorming done regarding structure and layout of the upcoming presentation.

What we will do

During next week we will prepare the final presentation, of which the concept we might change a little from what we previously planned. We will probably not make an animated video as planned from the beginning, but instead make a presentation that demonstrates the concept of Matroshka by interacting with the audience through the same media that Matroshka utilizes - text, audio and video. We plan to  switch between these during the presentation, just like in our concept idea.

Problems encountered

Some of the data from our field study was very hard to analyze and present in a good manner, and therefore we had to do some simplifications. The main problem with the data analysis was the sheer amount of data gathered which turned out to be very time consuming to analyze. Even though this might not be as “accurate” as presenting the complete data set it might be easier for the readers to understand.

We had some problems to decide which parts of the report to focus on. Because of the word count limit we could not elaborate every part as much as we wanted, instead we had to focus on the part where we present our concept. This means that the discussion might be a little shorter than what we wanted.


The field study data.

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  1. Sounds good! It's a common problem that you end up with too much data, and have to select and focus. On the other hand, this might not be bad in the end. A long text is not necessarily better than a short one. And everything might not have to be included in the end, even though it feels like it when you are in the middle of the working process. Good luck with your work on the final presentation as well. It will be exciting to see!