Friday, November 22, 2013

Future of Ads - weekly report

What we have done

This week we've continued to prepare for the shoot that will take place this weekend, by having meetings with the actors and the camera girl and gathering all the needed props.

We've also reviewed the book chapter as well as completed and sent out the survey. Furthermore we've looked into ways to explain the technologies used in our project and made an outline for the final presentation.

Thursday afternoon we met with Linda at INCF for our second study. Linda gave us an introduction to working with neuroscience research and then told us about resent trends in neuroscience, and we especially discussed the potential use of EEG and fMRI for our project.

What we will do

We'll continue by creating the different parts of our final presentation. We'll put together an explanation clip where we use animations to visualize our solution. We'll also write a manuscript and record a voiceover for it. And of course we'll need to do quite a lot of editing for our epic scenario film.


Nope, we haven't really encountered any major setbacks thus far but we're aware some of the most demanding parts of our project are yet to come. Since our concept's rather futuristic, it requires a very clear and unambiguous explanation so that the audience can grasp it even in the short amount of time we'll get for the final presentation.

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  1. Sounds great! Good luck with the rest of the work!