Friday, November 15, 2013

Gossip Status Report w.46

  • Gossip 
  • What we have done. We have conducted one focus group with five people who where all familiar with hand helt devices. The focu group went very well and now we are planning to do some assembly of what got discussed and said during the meeting. During the week we have also conducted an interview with one of the co-workers to Krisitina Höök. She gave us some very important info about the physical and psycological aspects connected to our project. 
  • What we will do. Our next step is to put full focus on the chapter for the book, and we have started to discuss which parts that are necessary to include to our text, and also how we gonna divide the work amongst the group. 
  • Problems encountered. This week we haven't really had any problems, the plan has gone according to our original plan and right now it's all about to succeed compile all the information we have gathered. Actually, we wanted to conduct an additional interview, before we start with our text, this week. But in the best of worlds we will succeed in implementing this at the beginning of next week.
  • Changes in the project. We have stared to discuss some changes is the range of emotions which are gonna be measured when a reader is using our product, but we have not decided entirely on which emotions yet.
  • Resources. We have in addition to standard literary studies also completed a successful focus group and an interview, if time permits we will try to conduct an additional interview.

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  1. Sounds great! You are well under way! Keep up the good work!