Friday, November 15, 2013

Matroshka Week 46

Matroshka - The Responsive News Concept. Weekly report 15th of November 2013.

What we have done 
After our mid term presentation the group met on Tuesday the 12th. The purpose of this meeting was to evaluate the presentation, go through the feedback that was given to us and decide a time and date for the field study.

The most important feedback was given by Ola Henriksson, who said that we need to decide what kind of of service we would like to create. He suggested that we might consider to provide an open source platform that could be used by all types of newspapers and news agencies, which we are now planning to do.

Another suggestion was given by Malin, who said that we should consider to change the name of our project. This was also hinted by Maryna, who thought that the name Matroshka connotates “hiding” or the hiding of information. However, after some discussion within the group, we decided to keep our original name.

On Wednesday the 13th we met at Kulturhuset to conduct our field study in network monitoring. The reason why we went to Kulturhuset is because we want two different locations to monitor, one designed for leisure activities (Kulturhuset) and one for commuting (T-Centralen or a similar location). We gathered data for roughly two hours from a lot of different users but have yet to analyze the results.
During the meeting at Kulturhuset we also further defined our concept to make it more understandable from an outside point of view. During our mid term presentation we realized that it could be somewhat difficult for listeners to really understand what our project is about.

Next, we met in the morning of Thursday the 14th to complete the second phase of our field study. This time the location was T-Centralen, where the purpose was to monitor the Internet habits of commuting Stockholmers. Before we conducted this study we had the hypothesis that the surfing habits would be different during the morning at T-Centralen compared to the afternoon at Kulturhuset.

What we will do
During the next week we will further analyze the results from our field study and survey. We will also continue the literature study and start to write on the final report.

Problems encountered
As usual we had some technical difficulties setting up the Wifi hotspot. Even though everything was supposed to be prepared before we met at Kulturhuset, it still took an hour or two to set up the hotspot. However, from the moment it started working everything went perfectly.
One problem that we hadn’t anticipated was the massive amount of data generated from the router and the network monitoring program. Every connected user generates a lot of data and it will take a while to analyze and make sense of all the information.

During this week we did not use any scientific resources per say. The study we have conducted is however some some extent based on online guides of how network routing should be done using Windows ICS:

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  1. Sounds great then! I especially like that you consider how to make this concept more understandable for an outside audience. That is an important aspect. I also like how you are using your good knowledge of technology to gather data. Now, it's just a matter of getting the time to analyse the data. But hopefully you'll manage that as well! In the end, I'm sure this will turn out to be a really good project!