Friday, November 1, 2013

Future of Ads - weekly report

What we have done

This week we have looked into new sources of data as well as new ways of collecting data in order to tailor ads better in the future and achieve a serendipity effect. We focused on exploring the possibilities of measuring and predicting a user’s emotional state through physiological indicators including pupil dilation, heart rate, facial behavior and brain waves. The first step was to find out whether these indicators could be used to measure a user’s emotions. The second step was to find technologies which can be used to perform these measurements. We also looked into different technological solutions for augmented reality. For this purpose we contacted 13th Lab, which is a small startup that operate within the field of augmented reality.

What we will do

Our next step should be to continue our research on the areas presented above. We should also look into technologies for gathering data from the surroundings of the user such as image recognition technologies and big data technologies. In order for the emotional responses to be put into context it is important that the emotional data is matched with other data such as image processing data and all kinds of third party data. After this we should start looking into more specifically how the data and the technologies can be used to in order to tailor ads, achieve serendipity and create an augmented reality experience. Also, we will put together our main ideas and focus into a story board for a short video demonstration.

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  1. Sounds like you are well under way, and that this will become a very interesting project. Keep up the good work! /M