Friday, November 29, 2013

GISMO Weekly Report 29/11

What we have done:
The group has completed the work of the report, which was easier said than done due to some issues that appeared quite late prior to the deadline a couple of days ago. Some of us started with their part of the paper relatively late since they had a lot of other activities scheduled. Further this delayed a lot of the work, given that other members were more or less dependent on their parts to be able to advance. In addition, it was hard and particularly time-consuming to make the report coherent since we all write different. Overall we had a lot of information from the previous literature study, interview, focus groups together with added information like scenario, description of functions, discussion and so on as well. Actually we had some difficulties keeping us under the limit of five thousand words which where rather unpredictable. So basically a lot of time was spent discussing which parts we should keep and which parts we should thrash.

Also we had a group meeting quite recently regarding the final presentation. Three different ideas considering the video recording where discussed carefully and necessary aspects like how hard, time-consuming and relevant each idea really is, was pointed out. Finally we managed to determine an idea that everyone feels comfortable with.

What we will do:
Full focus on the final presentation and try to get started as soon as possible. Some parts of the script are still left to do and we need to use the time carefully in order to make everyone be able to work simultaneously, partly because of the limited time left, but also due to other courses and activities. One positive thing is that everyone seem to have more spare time the next couple of weeks, so hopefully we can accomplish something we could be proud of.

Changes in the project:
No major changes have been made lately.

We have an unfinished script but clearly, that´s nothing we want to reveal yet. Good things come to those who wait!

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  1. I understand that you have struggled with certain things these past weeks. Good that you seem to have solved the problems that occurred. Now, it's full focus forward in order to make a good final presentation. Good luck!