Friday, November 15, 2013

GISMO Weekly report 15/11

Group name: GISMO - Geographical Information System for Media Orientation

What we have done: 
- This week we have contacted three of the guest lecturers in the course; Kerstin Pilhage, Oscar Westerlund and Ambjörn Naeve. We filled out a questionnaire for each of them containing both shared questions and individual questions. The individual questions were made with their different fields of knowledge in mind. We are still awaiting their answers.
- We've discussed what to include in our project report such as suitable headlines and content.
- We have also made a plan of the layout for two upcoming focus groups that we have scheduled for next week as well as contacted potential participants.

What we will do: We plan to interview Ambjörn and conduct the focus groups. The other mentioned guest lecturers will hopefully submit their answers in time by mail. As we receive feedback from the questionnaires and the focus groups we can shape our concept accordingly. Hopefully we will also receive some background material from Oscar and Ambjörn that we can include in our report. We will also look at more systems similar to our idea to include in our literature study. We also have to further analyze the feedback we received at the mid-crit and move our focus towards the functionality of the interface. We are working to further define our concept in order to create the best possible product idea and report.

Problems encountered: We have yet to receive answers from the guest lecturers. An interview was booked with Ambjörn, but either there were misunderstandings regarding the interview time or he ditched us. He will be back from his trip next week however, so we can interview him then.

Changes in the project: No major or decisive changes have been made recently.

Cozy group meeting in good ol' Leopold (photo by Mattias)

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  1. Sounds like you are well under way. If you have problems getting your answers from Oscar and Kerstin, try to call them up and ask directly over the phone. Sometimes, people are stressed and by doing it this way it feels like you are taking up less of their time.
    Hopefully you will meet with Ambjörn soon, since he is here in the house...
    Keep up the good work!