Friday, November 22, 2013

Gossip status report w.47


  • Gossip 
  • What we have done. Since last week when we conducted our focus group and interview we have now started to distibute different resbonsibles concerning our book chapter. There has been a process of transcribing the focus group and interview. We have also stared to think more about how a prototype of our producs should look like and how it will function. These ideas are in the process of designing so that the interface can be presented well in the chapter.
  • What we will do. The most important thing for us now is to collect all the infromation to our chapter and also to make sure it is readable for someone external. Also the text needs to be coherent. After the 27th we will focus on the presentation.
  • Problems encountered. We have not faced any major problems but there has been some issues trying to figure out what to actually write about in the chapter. Both by content but also from a angle that is coherent with everyone elses' thought of how the text should be presented. So our biggest challenges is to get the text together before the 27th, with a high quality as possible. 
  • Changes in the project. The changes is that we now have decided totally which type of techniques and emotional response we want to measure, to make the whole project "plausible" at least. 
  • Resources. We have in addition to standard literary studies also completed a successful focus group and an interview. Since we have narrow down the techniques and emotions there has been a lot more easier to find good literature online. 
  • Pictures. Here is a picture from one of our working sessions at the KTH library, a couple of weeks ago. 

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