Saturday, November 23, 2013

Matroshka - Weekly report nov 22nd

Matroshka - The Responsive News Concept. Weekly report 22nd of November 2013.

What we have done

During the past week we have met two times. The first meeting was on November 18 where we talked about how our report would be structured and set up headlines for it. We also decided upon who should write what and for the rest of the week, the writing is being done individually for now. We will then follow up this writing process with a group completion and integration of all texts into a cohesive report. The other meeting was on November 20 where we talked about what had been said during the group leader’s lunch meeting. This had given us some smaller tasks, which we went through during the meeting. We decided that Simon is responsible for the text and we filled in the form for trend wishes. The first trend we are seeing is that the number of devices are increasing and in the future we will have a bigger need for synchronization between them. The second was that people will keep living a hectic and stressful lifestyle within urbanized areas, which we see as pretty much a straightforward extrapolation of what we already observe today. We have found that the Reuters Institute Digital Survey provides us with an interesting source on device use and news consumption. We have studied it in order to support some of the claims that we will make in the report, especially in the Background section. On top of this, data from the studies the were conducted last week has some some extent been analyzed. The studies involved setting up Wi-Fi hotspots which enabled us to monitor traffic and thus identify browsing trends and their relations with the hotspot environment. The analysis of the data has turned out to be time consuming due to the large amount of data gathered. The challenge lies within writing a filtering algorithm that will extract relevant data from the data noise. As of today the results of the studies seem to be good, but the filtering algorithm needs more time in order for it to turn fully reliable.

What we will do

In the next week we will finish the report and compile it before the deadline on Wednesday. We will also have to come up with a corporate identity and a sketch for the graphical user interface, both for the end users and the media companies that are using the service. We need to discuss if this should be in the report or just for the final presentation. After we have handed in the report we will start to sketch on the animation and further plan what to do for the presentation. It will likely present the functionality of our concept and illustrate this through graphical representations of devices and situations.

Problems encountered

- Hard to analyze the data from the field study
- Unclear idea of what the report should or should not contain


Reuters Institute Digital News Report,

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  1. Good work. And it seems to me that you have a lot of work left to do. It's just to get down to it though, and try to divide up the workload between you, when possible. I expect these coming weeks to be quite hectic for you, The Reuters Institute is a very good source for credible information. I'm glad you found it. So, good luck with your work the next coming weeks!