Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 44 - Death of Reading - Weekly Status Report + Extra Hand-In


Group name:
The Morticians

What we have done:

We digged deeper into the topics which could influence the outcome of our project. These topics involved illiterates, dyslectics and the lifes of visually impaired people, with the goal to determine what ways they found to deal with their inability to read. Furthermore, our group did study-trips all over the world to gather different sources and new ideas.

What we will do:

The next step will be to arrange meetings with people who cannot read. Additionally, we will start planning how to set up our research concerning the previously described self-test (few hours without reading). Furthermore, taking a closer look at the website “Beyond literacy” will be neccessary and will take some research time.

Problems encountered: 
So far the group is in a great shape. Problems that might occur could involve some difficulties regarding arrangment of meetings with the previously mentioned interest groups, or even hardships with contacting them. Besides that, no rocks on the way!

Changes in the project:

No changes were made to the project idea, the way-to-go or the methods. So far everything is progressing according to the plan.


Beyond Literacy website:

Everything is going well and we wanted to use this moment to say "Hi" to all our mums!


1. Group name:
The Morticians

2. Tagline:
“Quality news beyond the written word”
3. Pitch/summary: Since the 15th century, when the printing press was invented, the literacy rate has risen, and today it is one of the Universal declarations of human rights. In the 21st century something happened: people started to send text messages, to use Twitter and other social medias. These changes resulted in declining willigness to write and read among society, and this new paradigm is just the beginning. In the next 10-15 years we will witness the most dramatic change in the world of news, when written news no longer exists.

4. Large picture:

5. Small picture:

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  1. Sounds like you have come a long way, since our meeting. Good work! I also read your Project plan nr 2, and I liked it, except the part about that you want to take away all editors in the future. Don't do that! Editors will be more important than ever, when reading is gone. /M