Friday, November 22, 2013

Newsify (former Future of Audio), Weekly report w 47

The future of audio is getting closer as we will be ready soon to present our final paper so those who can get access to this report will get the opportunity to foresee the upcoming shifts in the media field and explore a growing trend in text-to-audio news consumption. Just wait for a few days!

This week we were working a lot on our concept formulation while skyping during lunch breaks or late evenings. At the same time we identified trends which might have a direct impact on human behavior and media habits. Overall, the industry faces tremendous changes from societal/technological/economical perspective. It has a great influence on all the actors. We offloaded six trends and they are almost all related to our project to some extent.

After the meeting with coordination group we decided to restructure our paper and make it more engaging not like a boring scientific format :). Therefore, we are currently making it possible by looking carefully into the content and trying to create an interesting story for our reader. Moreover, we have to analyze the interviews carried out last week and use this information as a foundation to the product part since the consumers helped us to confirm some of our assumptions.

And finally, showing how crazy we are about the future of our project, we even created new names for each other >> Viktor Hugo BOSS, Bill/Bob Armageddon, AndreaS Bocatelli, Maryna not MaryAna Puff Puff BlingOvska. Thats a funny part of our project work.

To sum up, we are in the process of shaping our ideas and continiously updating our content for the report.

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  1. That sounds great! Yes, there are big changes going on for sure! Thanks for the trends. They will be useful in the introductory chapter of the book. Sounds good that you write your text in an engaging way. Way to go!