Friday, November 8, 2013

Newsify - Weekly report 8/11

This week saw a marked improvement in group activity and progress! All members are now present and accounted for as we progress.
Week 45 began with a meeting to discuss our next strategies. We decided on several actions: first we will begin designing and writing our survey questionnaire keeping in mind simplicity. Next we will begin researching and collecting articles for our background foundational work. Several articles have already been located which will help us design our customer development and early product offering from lean startup methodology.
We had intentions of contacting and meeting with TT and Spotify with a business oriented questionnaire yet both companies have not been able to see us other than possible email contact. Due to this we have decided to switch focus away from TT news offerings as a major source of news for our service. This is a major development in our project and has led us to research and design more in the direction of incorporating automated voice services similarto one of our earlier ideas.
The rest of our week has been spent preparing for the mid-crit presentation this coming friday as a slideshow must be assembled to display our work to the point as well as future intentions.
For next week we intend to perform individual surveys as frequently as possible to gather information for further product development. We will correspond with TT and learn as much as possible about the best form of our project's product before we settle on the final design.

Our criminal lunch meeting this Monday.

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