Friday, November 22, 2013

DEAFining news - status report, week 47

Group name: DEAFining news

What we have done
In the beginning of this week, we could not really do much more than wait for a response from our different interview prospects - representatives from SDR (Sveriges Dövas Riksförbund) and SVT (Sveriges Television). Not a day too late, we received an answer from SDR, telling us that our questions posed in the e-mail were too many and complex to answer. As the amount and complexity of the questions were not at all too evident to us, we got a little surprised. However, we came up with the solution of remaking the mail-questions into more easily answered questions in a survey-format. We sent back the survey as a reply and can only hope that we will receive answers in the next few days.

We have also come up with a foundation to a how we will format our upcoming report. We have determined specific preliminary topics in sections you might call “background” and “our solution”. Other than this, we took the opportunity to offload a trend regarding more individualized news.

What we will do
Firstly, we will continue to focus on receiving the interview data from SDR and SVT. If our contact from SVT does not answer anytime soon, we will try to send a new mail and probably go for a phone call. This is prio 1 to us. We will also start writing on our report. This will, other than the interview data, require more empirical research and needs us to discuss further on how exactly our solution will be shaped.

Problems encountered
As stated, our main problems is with the interviews in question. The contact with SDR has not been a problem in the project, but to get answers to our question in some kind has proven to be difficult. We can only hope that our survey strategy works. It is of course also problematic that our SVT contact has not answered us yet. We will probably soon have to think of alternative ways of contacting him and/or contacting someone else.

Changes in the project
The only change made was concerning the SDR interview. This was the switch from an e-mail formatted interview to a survey format.

We believe that we have found articles of existing technologies that can be developed into our vision in some years to come (see our previous blog posts). We will however have to find more research articles backing these technologies up in order to produce a credible and valid report. We believe that such new findings, tied together with the interview data, will be sufficient for a great report result. Additionally, we did this week check up on some potential shapes of glasses that could suit our vision of the solution!

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  1. It is a struggle sometimes to get a hold of people. And it is tough to wait when you have a lot to do, and time is running fast. This is a daily problem for all journalists. The secret is not to wait, but to try calling their mobiles, calling the switchboard, calling their bosses. Then eventually they have to get back to you. Who are you waiting for at SVT at the moment? Is it Ulf Johansson, or did you also try with Johan Hartman, as I recommended last week? Don't wait around any longer, but start calling them instead! Maybe there are other people that can also help you out at SVT, if you ask around! Good luck!