Friday, November 1, 2013

Resonsive News: Weekly upd AND Hand in

Responsive news - Have them your way!

What we have done.

We have had a meeting where we discussed the possibilities for a research study. Our graphical profile has also been discussed.

Furthermore we have been discussing different slogans and names for our project. At first we tried to use a slogan generator but that didnt create any good results.

What we will do.

We are looking into doing a research study where we set up a hotspot at a place where there is a lot of commuting people (maybe Centralstationen). This way, we can monitor users of the hotspot and see what kind of content they look for. Hopefully news. We might also do a comparison at a place where people don’t commute, a cafĂ© or similar, and see if there is a difference in type of content. Hopefully less news.
We also want to find more literature that supports our study.

Problems encountered.

At first we thought about using Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Message, but we have come to realize that this book might rather be a counter-argument for our project. As far as we have understood, McLuhan proposes that the medium changes the message, but we strive to create a solution where the same message is delivered to the consumer no matter which medium is used. McLuhan’s text can however be used to present counter-arguments.


A newsstory that informs about the new law changes against using mobile phones in dangerous ways in cars. On Dec 1st, the new law is added. (
  • About how different medias affect the way people perceive news:
    • DeFleur, Melvin L., et al. "Audience recall of news stories presented by newspaper, computer, television and radio." Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 69.4 (1992): 1010-1022.

    • Bennett, Ellen M., Jill Dianne Swenson, and Jeff S. Wilkinson. "Is the Medium the Message?: An Experimental Test with Morbid News." Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 69.4 (1992): 921-928.
  • About generating content with information from different media:
    • Huang, Qian, et al. "Automated generation of news content hierarchy by integrating audio, video, and text information." Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 1999. Proceedings., 1999 IEEE International Conference on. Vol. 6. IEEE, 1999.

 The extra hand in

Tagline: Have them your way!
Imagine a newscast that changes according to your needs. No more straining your eyes trying to read news on a bumpy bus ride. No more trying to hear what the news cast is saying in a loud environment. This is our future. This is responsive news.
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  1. Looks like the literature fit in well. I also liked your proposed research study - to compare consumers that are commuting and not commuting. Looks like this will turn into a very interesting project. I would recommend you to also consider what kind of content works best for different situations and devices. Good luck! /M