Friday, November 22, 2013

GISMO - Weekly Report 22/11

        What we have done:
- The project group has successfully conducted two focus groups during the week, both with a lot of interesting feedback and suggestions of improvements. The process was audio recorded and carefully analyzed afterwards.
- An interview has at last been made with Ambjörn as well. Obviously he had different point of views on features and functions in relation to the focus groups which we appreciated.
- Furthermore has an additional literature study been made. Some connecting and interesting articles have been found but generally speaking it was difficult to find content that would gain value somehow to the project.
- The trend assignment is done and has been delivered.
- Finally the group has divided the headlines with content among the members in order to make it as fair as possible.

        What we will do: Obviously the report writing will dominate the upcoming weekend and week. We need to start working on appropriate mock-ups and decide how the final interfaces will look like. Hopefully will we be able to create some kind of script or structure for the upcoming presentation and video recording as well. The sooner we get started the better!

        Problems encountered: We haven´t received any answers from either Oskar or Kerstin. Oskar responded though and said that he was to busy while Kerstin totally ignored us. Thus thanks to the encouraging participants from the focus groups and Ambjörn we think we have enough evaluation material to walk through anyway. Moreover the project editor meeting the next Tuesday came as a surprise, because that force us to more or less finish our report during Monday evening, which caused problems for some members, since they have a lot of scheduled activities during the weekend. In the end this means that some members have to pull a heavier load than others even  though it was split fairly at the beginning.

        Changes in the project: Obviously we will not receive any answers from either Kerstin or Oskar. Otherwise we haven´t changed the route!  

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  1. Good job so far. Too bad that Kerstin didn't reply and Oscar was busy. Those things happen though, and it's nothing to take personally. If you have enough other material, it might work well anyway. So, just keep going, and good luck with the rest of the work!