Friday, November 29, 2013

The Morticians Weekly Report w. 48 (29/11)

What we have done
This week, we concentrated on finishing both the book chapter and the website/mobile app design before the deadline. The process went quite smooth, as our group shared the same vision regarding our project, and therefore very few uncertainties have occurred. Still, it’s been a week full of writing, rewriting and rechecking that our data is correct. We also made some changes to our product’s design: we added some elements and came up with new functionalities, such as voice-based navigation (represented by means of a microphone icon) or symbol-based tooltips allowing users to quickly navigate through various news stories in “News in 100 seconds” video section. It’s been a busy week, but everyone did their part and we are satisfied with the result.  

What we will do
The next step for us is to start working on our presentation. There are few things that we have to decide before we can do it, though. As our plan is to create a PowerPoint presentation without any words, we need to think very carefully about how it's going to look. During next week, we will also decide whether we will create a movie or not, and if yes, we will have to come up with ideas regarding its presentation and structure.

No severe problems right now. However, the creation of movie might be somewhat problematic due to the time constraints and “nature” of our final product (it’s a mock-up, and not the fully functional website/app).

Changes in the project
The main assumptions about our project remained the same. The only thing that has been changing a bit over time was our product's design, because so far we have been mainly focusing on the overall quality of our proposal. However, the design process, despite being time consuming, didn’t prove to be particularly problematic, as we have been adding new elements over time.  

During the weekend, our group will be watching movies similar to the one posted below in search for inspiration: 

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Sounds good then! It's always hectic when there's a deadline approaching. Keep up the good work with the final presentation as well! Good luck!