Friday, November 29, 2013

DEAFining news (Surdi Screen) - Weekly report - Week 48

What we have done
During this week almost all time has been put into writing and finishing the final paper for the book. However, we did some finalizing research in the beginning of the week, by collecting and analyzing the last answers gathered from our survey. Additionally, we called Johan Hartman, head of sustainable development at SVT, to gather some last input regarding SVTs responsibilities and their view of if they are fulfilling them. We are satisfied with the paper and feel that we have framed the problem and come up with an end solution that would be beneficial for the deaf community in a future scenario. We also feel that our solution is grounded on developing technology and will be able to realize in the coming 20 years.

What we will do
After finishing the final paper, we immediately started planning for the last part of the course by preparing for the presentation. We have booked group meetings for early next week where we intend to plan the final presentation. Firstly, we will decide on a storyline for the video we will have in the presentation and then we will create a storyboard before actually starting to record scenes. That way, we hopefully will be more time efficient and be able to spend more time on the video editing, which usually is more time consuming than recording the video.

At the moment, we feel that everything is under control and we are comfortable with the plan for the coming two weeks before the presentation. The biggest obstacle for us moving forward will probably be for the whole group to meet all together. Until this point, we have been able to work around it by assigning work to the ones who have not been available and then meeting up later to discuss it together. For the coming weeks, we have booked meetings where as many of us as possible can attend. We have also had in mind and planned the video and presentation work so that we will be able work around possible clashes in schedules.

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  1. Sounds good that everything is under control then! I'm glad that you reached Johan Hartman. He is good. Alright, good luck the last stretch to the finish line!