Friday, November 22, 2013

You've got bias - report week 47

What we have done

We have had further discussions on how we can present our idea in the best way possible. We do need to continue working on this as our system is quite complex and requires an easy to understand approach. However our presentation will most likely include a news article that we do a scan on and show what our system will present to the user.
We divided the work between us so that we can write individually between our meetings.

What we will do

At this time our main focus is to produce the report and will continue doing so until wednesday.

Problems encountered

Sadly, we have realized that we will not be able to interview our journalist nor Joel Brynielsson in time for the report to be handed in. We have, however, gotten a lot of helpful information from Joel that we can use. As for the journalistic part, we have to rely on literature to get a deeper understanding of the journalistic processes of news writing.  

Changes in the project

We have decided that it would be good to choose a few aspects of bias and work with them more thoroughly so that our final product will be more concrete and less of an abstract concept. We have chosen three specific functionalities: comparing sources used in an article to other articles, comparing the labels used on an entity in an article to other articles and simple fact checking, by extracting numerical values from articles and comparing that with data from government databases.
The aim of our project will be to make the readers aware of some common ways bias is expressed in news articles.

While it feels like we have decresed the scope of our project a bit, we believe what we have now is both focused, usefull and realizable within the next 15 years or so.

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  1. Ok, sounds good then. Time always has a tendency to run out in the end, doesn't it. Good that at least you got some help from Joel.
    Keep up the good work now!