Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekly update - Future of Second Screen

Group name
What we have done

During the last week we kept on working on the finalization of our idea. The feedback we got from Malin and Daniel helped us clear the air and understand the direction we should move towards. Among other things, we tried to establish a theoretical background through academic research, we conducted a questionnaire for future interviews, we created our project’s personas and last but not least we are waiting feedback from significant individuals in the field.
What we will do
During next week, we are planning to conduct interviews; both qualitative and quantitative. This will be followed by a rough first analysis so as to have some data for the mid-term presentation on Friday. What we aim for in the end is to propose ways for the enhancement of second screen’s role into the future of news with a focus on Breaking News.
Problems encountered
We came across a number of issues trying to define what our path will be. This led to some discussions reevaluating what our project plan was. In the end, we feel secured in our idea and feel good about continuing on.
Changes in the project
There were no major changes in our project, just a more clearly defined path.

"Use Second Screen to Enhance TV Viewing Experiences"

"Interacting with Digital Media at Home via a Second Screen"


On the proccess...................


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  1. It feels really good that you found your direction after our meeting. After having read your second project plan as well, I think you are well under way of doing a really interesting project! It will be especially interesting to see the result of your work with personas! Keep up the good work! /M