Friday, November 1, 2013

Future of Ads - Extra hand in

Name: Future of Ads 
Tagline: Not intrusive but exclusive

In a future where people’s emotional states can be accurately measured and predicted, advertising shifts from being an irrelevant or annoying occurrence in people’s everyday lives, to becoming a highly desirable product. New ways of collecting and using data as well as technological advancements within the field of augmented reality will allow for almost perfect tailoring and serendipitous matching of advertisements to the consumers in the future. Ads can be completely tailored for the moment based on data collected from everything that the consumer sees, does and feels as well as from many external sources. The huge set of data is analyzed and unforeseeable connections are made, making it possible to offer products that the consumers need and are able to obtain in a particular moment, without them knowing it in the first place.

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