Friday, November 29, 2013

You've got bias - Report week 48

What we have done

This week has been all about writing. We finished our report at our last writing session and we are quite happy about what we produced.

What we will do

Next week we will start working toward making a very good and easy to understand presentation. Our system is a bit complex so we need to make sure to simplify with good illustrations and explanations. We have not yet decided how we are going to present this, whether it will be a movie, illustration, animation or live theatre performance, so making that decisions will be our first priority.

Problems encountered

Doing the final write up took longer than expected (as always with these kinds of tasks) and we confirmed what we have heard somewhere; “Estimate how long you need to work on a given task, multiply that number by and you will have the actual time it will take to perform the task”. Some parts of the report could have been developed more, but overall we are happy with the result.

Changes in the project

We did not make any changes that has changed the scope of our project or in which direction we intend to go now.

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  1. Yes, isn't that true! It always takes longer time than you plan for. Regardless, it seems like you have done a good job. Good luck with your work on the final presentation!