Friday, November 15, 2013

ScreenWorld Weekly Report 15/11

What we have done:
We engaged in a good discussion both in group-meetings as well as on Facebook.
1. We finished the skeleton of the report and divided each person’s assignment regarding researches and analysis.
2. We have analyzed the online survey and got convincing results from 50 potential second screen users. The results should be able to give insights and implications to future news consumption on second screen.
3. We made our starting point clearly. We narrowed down the definitions of our subjects. To be specific, the first screen is TV while he second screen is mobile and tablets. We have decided that instead of giving up building a business model from business perspective, we were going to focus more on user experience from a user’s perspective. Accordingly, the final framework would be customer-centered.

What we will do:
1. Interview the social TV specialist that Daniel recommended, the human computer interact specialist and another active second screen user.
2. Conduct a focus group interview among second screen users alongside the online survey.
3. Come up with and discuss the framework of the second screen in group-meetings after each member’s research within the next week.
4. Do more researches on news theme as well as news consuming time within the next week, which could give us some other implications for our framework.
5. Make a script for the movie that based on our personas. We are going to pay attention to good methodologies that we could combine our personas to a real life person, and make all our methods support each other.

Problems encountered:
1. We received no responds from one social TV specialist with whom we planed to do an important interview so that we have to probably change to another specialist.
2. There are two kinds of content providers on second screen: first screen content providers and first screen competitors. Although we have decided that our framework would be customer-centered, we still have not agreed on which content provider perspective we should hold or whether we are supposed to count both of them.

Changes in the project:
We changed some of the interviewees.

Our online survey.

“Use Second Screen to Enhance TV Viewing Experiences” (Chuang et al., 2013)
A prototype Android app to sync the second screen with content on the first.

 “The Second Screen Takes Center Stage” (Pham, 2013)
The changing consumer behavior using the second screen.

 “Discovering Social TV and Second Screens” (Karppinen, 2013)
Proposed architecture for distributing second screen content.

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  1. It seems like you have come a long way! Good work! I though of you when I watched the last fotboll match between Sweden and Portugal this Saturday. The TV commentator actually recommended the viewers to use their mobiles (second screen) to watch another channel where they had put two cameras on Zlatan and Ronaldo especially. Second screen use in sports is obviously something to look into! :-) Keep up the good work!