Friday, November 22, 2013

The Morticians Weekly Report w. 47 (22/11)

What we have done
This week, we mostly worked on structuring and writing the book chapter. And on develop the website/mobile app design, which is going well. The logo is finished and all of the features should be decided by now, we might only do some last minute changes on the design.

Some further research have also been done around the underlying technology of having a news provider without any text and discussions about what already exists and what have to be developed if the news creation will not simply be replaced with movie-making.

What we will do
We have to concentrate on finishing the book chapter for the deadline and making the design on the website/mobile app enought finished for being published in the book. We will make the design on more parts of the website/mobile app, and replace the placeholders with pictures. After the book deadline we will have to start make plans for the final presentation.

No severe problems right now. Just some headache with finding enough pictures created by ourselves that are “newsworthy” enough to be used in the design of our final product.

Changes in the project
The main assumptions of our project have remained the same. When discussiing the aspect ratio of the design we realized that off course the handheld devices will look different in a couple of years. This video is a good inspiration for how they might look like (meaning that everything can be a device)

Logo(please note that it’s work in progress!):

Found a site with different video clips with Marshall McLuhan:Marshall McLuhan speaks

And an interesting article on how the post-literate age might me nearer than we think:
Patrick Tucker. The Dawn of the Postliterate Age

Happy weekend!

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  1. Sounds good. It seems like you are on track with your work, and according to the timeplan. Interesting with the new resources. Ok, good luck with the final work!