Friday, November 29, 2013

Gossip status report w.48


  • Gossip 
  • What we have done. This week we have completed our report, which has also been our single focus this week. Pictures of prototypes has been produced to give the reader a clear image of our product, and to also back up the text in the report. 
  • What we will do. From now on we will of course put all our focus on the presentation. We already have some ideas, which we presented on the mid-crit presentation, and we think we'll stick to that idea and develop it. And we are also going to take a look at the material Viktor sent us as inspiration for the presentation, to get a better view on what's good to place emphasis on while presenting. 
  • Problems encountered. We have had some problems with the text. It was a bit tricky to get it coherent and to create a good flow between the different paragraphs. Hopefully the text is now understandable and easy to read, while we also hope it is not too formal.
  • Changes in the project. This week we havn't done any major chenges, just some fine details that has been determined and/or adjustment. 
  • Resources. There has not been any more new sources, however, the ones all ready investigated have rather been rogued out during the writing process, so that the report is based on reputable sources. 
  • Other Here is a first drawing of our product that we did at a meeting one about two weeks ago. 

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    1. Sounds good. Making a text coherent isn't always easy. But it's fun when it finally works. Great job! Good luck working on the final presentation now, during the remaining time!